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I was taken back to the small island where I spent valuable time with my Messiah over the last week. He was still there, talking to me while a pleasant, small camp-fire added to the peacefulness of the area.

               “Beloved Maiden, yes, I will make a path where there has been nothing before. A waterway through the Red Sea, a miracle it will be. This waterway will be a road that will take you to the other side.

               “You stepped into the water without hesitation, not even questioning the depth thereof. You just followed My voice. From here I will lead you to still waters.

               “On a bench amongst My flowerbeds you have to rest a while. You need a good rest. You need to recover your strength in the beds of My flower forest. I want to teach you to rest in ME.

               “Lily, My dearest little lily, how deeply I love you.”

Yahushua took me by the hand and slowly led me across a small bridge. The bridge was in the beautiful colours of the rainbow – too gorgeous for words.

               I could not resist the temptation to walk all along the soft purple areas, gently touching the rest of the colours one by one with an outstretched toe.

               On the other side a garden of colours was waiting on us. Flowers and more flowers as far as the eye could perceive.

               A soft breeze danced over and through the thousands of flowers bringing along the freshest of fragrances to drizzle over us.

               “Rest here for a while, My daughter,” the Messiah convincingly commanded.

               Suddenly I was all by myself among the masses of flowers.

               As I sat down I noticed two cute little bushbuck staring at me from an open space among the flowers.

               Instinctively I stretched out my hand to the one closest to me. She enjoyed the unexpected attention, moved closer to me and started licking the bottom part of my ear. I enjoyed the situation as much as the small animal and tried to move my head sideways as the cold, wet nose was tickling my ear.

               It was only then that I saw the figure of somebody appearing slowly from among the beautiful flowers. An old man wearing a heavy mantle slowly progressed in my direction. I wondered where he came from and where he had been all the time. Or was he around for some time while my attention had been with the bushbuck?

               Nobody told me, but in my spirit I knew that the old man with the heavy mantle was Enoch.


Genesis 5:24 – Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.


He walked up to me and his message was filled with authority and power when he said:              

                “My daughter, we have to walk together for a season. I have to teach you more about the way to walk with the Father. You do extremely well, precious one, but if you carry on the way you do, you will exhaust yourself.

                “I want to teach you how to carry on the Kingdom way.”

Joy filled my spirit and I could hardly wait to continue with the conversation.

                “Please, I do feel really drained. Please teach me to walk with Father the Kingdom way,” I shyly asked while I gently rubbed the back of the bushbuck nearest to me.

                “Then you have to stay connected, my daughter. I have been released to teach you.

                “Come let us move deeper into my Kingdom school.”

Excitement nearly overpowered me as we started walking deeper into the flower garden. The bushbuck happily trotted along.

                  A brilliant white horse watched us from one of the flower beds as we were passing by. I found it hard looking at this beautiful animal as the brightness radiating from her eyes nearly blinded me.

                  Suddenly the entire garden was crowded with angels. Dressed in shining white they were all over the place. Soft vocal music filled the air and I sensed that some kind of preparation was taking place.

                 “Come, precious Hephzibah, come deeper into the school of secrets,” patriarch Enoch invited as he took me by the hand and headed deeper into the flower garden.

                  I was a bit sad when at this point I was returned to my prayer room, but realized that this must have been enough for now.


Early the following morning I returned to this remarkable man from the Bible. I was still following him with great admiration and eagerness.

                 It did not take long before we reached the entrance to what looked like a cave in the centre of the garden.

                 For a moment I was completely dumbstruck. What I saw in front of me was beyond price.

                 The inside walls of the cave were covered with Hebrew words and letters as well as words in other languages, totally foreign to me.

                 Although I did not understand any of the words I knew that these writings were scripts from the Bible. The surface of the walls was a bit uneven but all the letters were very clear.

                “This is the Yahushua-heart of Yahuwah,” Enoch explained as he pointed to the thousands of words all over the cave.

                “Yahushua is the Word. His heart is the written Torah,” he continued as he moved closer and with great respect touched a section on the wall.

                 The relevant section peeled from the wall like a bright-green leaf and landed in the palm of his hand.

                “Yahushua is the Tree of Life and the leaves bring healing to the nations. This Tree is embedded in the heart of Yahuwah Elohim. Every word and letter of the Word is part and parcel of the heart of Yahushua.”

                 Tiny square boxes appeared on the leaf in his hand. They were all the same size with tiny lids at the top and looked like miniature gift boxes.

                 The lid of one of the boxes opened and the content inside left me with amazement for a moment. There was actually something about all this that I understood despite the fact that nothing had been communicated to me.

                 Each letter of the Hebrew script was gift-wrapped individually in a little box. The meaning of each letter was parcelled and forms part of the leaves of the Torah tree. The hidden meaning thereof has to be discovered and unwrapped in order to expose the full power.

                 From the spot where the fragment had been removed from the wall of the cave, liquid was seeping. It looked like gum and was reflecting all the colours of the rainbow.

                “Holy Spirit is the glue that binds together the deeper meaning of the letters.

                “Unless the children taste the sweetness of the honey glue, they will not have a hunger for the Word,” the Bible man continued explaining.

                “Hephzibah, I am busy raising an army of soldiers to uncover the hidden secrets of the living letters of the Torah, as my very heart hosts the hidden treasures of these mysteries.”

                 He gently closed the lid of the tiny box again where it still rested among the other boxes on the leaf in his hand.

                 A shiny white light covered the tiny parcel as he returned the leaf to its position on the wall. The entire section started to glitter among the thousands of letters and words.

                “Do you understand the fullness of the Tree, Hephzibah? On their own the leaves will die. Unless every living leaf forms part of the rest, it will die on its own. It needs to be united with the rest to form a complete picture.

                “It is time to discover the meaning of the hidden treasures of the Living Torah, the Living Word, as the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”


Back in my prayer room I realized the importance of exploring and understanding the roots of the Hebrew script. We have to uncover the deeper secrets of the Torah to have a better understanding of the Word itself.