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“Time is running out and we are moving towards the end. Beloved messenger, run to the River, to those who are only touching the water with their feet.

“We are there. We are about to cross the River Jordan. But the crossing will be difficult because it will be a case of pressing in and pressing through.

“The wall of water bordering you will not overflow you. The night will not overshadow you for I am the Leading Light. I will put your feet on steady ground.

“Just keep your eyes focussed on the other side. See Me standing on the bank where the promised land is. See Me waiting on you. My loving arms stretched out to welcome those who really want to enter their new heritage - The Promised Land.

“Take the first step, lay down the heavy burdens, crucify the old life and be cleansed in the water of the River Jordan.

“Pick up the new Stone and build a covenant altar. We have to be in a relationship. Are you ready to lead a sanctified life?

“I deeply love you, My bride.”


I was transported in the spirit to the River Jordan. The water was overflowing the banks. People clothed in white linen and bare-foot came running to the edge of the water. Some crouched and touched the water carefully while other were running into the water without hesitation.

The water split and a passage-way opened in front of those running in. Something resembling a golden search light illuminated their way through the River. Unfortunately I could not follow their progress to the other side as the passage-way turned sharply and they eventually escaped my view.

Then I was transferred to the opposite bank of the River with an unbeleivable scene awaiting me.

Yahushua, with a glittering silver crown on His head and clothed in brilliant white, was sitting on a silver-white horse and waited anxiously at the waterside. In His hand he was holding a silver sceptre while watching the passage-way for His bride to appear.

Again I heard the voice of the Father:


“Hephzi, this is where we are right now. Press in. Press in. Order the water to part. Call forth the water to open up.

“Step into the water of the River Jordan and run to Me, My precious bride. I love you. I love you dearly.”


That evening the Spirit of our Father continued with the message.


“Hephzi, tell My people: ‘I am coming. I am on My way.’

“I know them. They will not listen for they are like the people of Jerusalem. Stubborn.

“To them I’ve sent My prophets, but they did not listen. I have done everything.

“But Hephzi, My messenger, you have to obey My voice. Tell them what I told you. Those who listen will be saved.

“Do not stop. Carry on. You are a watchman. You have to watch and write.

“You have to look deep into the unseen.

“You saw Me waiting on the other side of the River Jordan.

“Tell them what you saw, Hephzi. Thell them I am waiting on my bride.

“This is My message. Prepare and position yourself.

“Choose now.

I love you.”


Much later, in the dark hours of the night a loud voice woke me. The message was audible and clear: “It is finished.”


Although I tried, the sleep stayed away. In my spirit was a stirring. I was too scared even to try to understand. So many are still crouching at the waterside.

I have to continue praying for them.