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Early one Sunday morning Father God gave me a prophetic word about His ten year season.

What followed are equally significant.


That very Sunday evening during a celebration service, I was taken back to a little bay in heaven where Jesus and I met before and saw myself dancing barefoot on the clear white sand, dressed in my plain white linen dress. Jesus was relaxing and watching me.

         I was enjoying myself and really danced my heart out in worship before my beloved Yahushua.

         Suddenly I noticed something in the sand, stopped and picked up a beautiful pansy shell. I blew off the sand and while holding it carefully in the palm of my hand, took it to where Jesus was sitting on a hill overlooking the cosy little bay.

         I showed Him the shell and knelt down at his feet.

Still holding the precious fragile sea shell in the palm of my hand, the music in church stopped and the anointing was broken.

I was taken back in the spirit.


Then nearly a week later while in prayer I was taken back to the little bay. Jesus and I were still sitting on the beach. I was still holding the pansy shell in the palm of my hand.

         Jesus pointed to the little hole in the centre of the back of the shell and said: “There is a hidden secret held captive inside this shell. Today I want to reveal this secret to you, My precious little messenger.’’

         Pointing at the little gap in the centre He said: ”Look through the peephole of the shell and tell Me what you see.’’

         I smiled at Him, trying to look through the tiny little hole, similar to a little key-hole.

         While I was looking closely, surprisingly a light was switched on inside and I could see five elders sitting in a circle around a table.

         “What is going on, Lord-Jesus?’’ I asked, surprised by what I saw.

         Jesus smiled and patiently started to explain to me the following: “I want to demonstrate something to you, Hephzibah, for it is important for you to understand this first.

You see, elders need to watch and guard over the House of God and the Family of God.’’

“What for, Lord?’’ I asked again.

“Hephzibah, this shell represents the church on earth. The elders have to watch over the church. Inside the hidden place they have to receive the secrets from God. They have to seek the will of My Father. They have to be united in the Word, the hidden treasure of the truth of the Word.’’

“But what is this hidden treasure?’’ I asked. This time to get more clarity for myself.

“To seek My will, My face and to stand in unity under MY authority. I am the shell around them. I am the covering. I am the shelter. I am everything to everyone.

In ME they will have the hidden wisdom, supported by the other six Spirits of God to assist them.

If only one of them is out of place, out of order, the authority is incomplete and deception enters.

Hephzibah, the hidden secret is so easy to understand. Hidden in My secret is a port-hole, a key-hole. To share in this hidden secret, My children have to use the key (to be united under My covering), unlock the door of Wisdom and enter into the fullness of the seven Spirits.

In wisdom, through Wisdom and by Wisdom you will have access to the secrets.

Wisdom is everything.

Seek Wisdom more than anything in your life, My church.

Seek Wisdom with a burning desire to enter into the secrecy of this shell of My presence.’’

I once more peeped through the little hole and could see the elders bowing and going down on their knees in prayer.

Then from somewhere the most beautiful music came vaporing all over them.

I saw ministering angels all around them.

Jesus said: “My angels on the run are available at all times to assist the elders but on one condition: There have to be unity.

My angels know that in unity and through unity they have to operate and that unity give them access to assist.’’

“So unity is very important, Lord-Jesus,’’ I said.

He nodded. “Unity is the foundation of strength. United under the shell of My presence nothing can ever hold My people back to grow and glow. This is the very basic principal, but so difficult to achieve because flesh overrules the spirit.

Go and tell My people that they should unite inside the shell of My presence.

I am waiting on them.

My heart is burning to meet with My bride eye to eye.

Spread the news and go, My little messenger. Take the message and run with it.’’

Back in my room that morning I did not have words, for I knew the hidden secret is to be united under the covering of the shell of Jesus.