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Inside a beautiful garden I was standing on a hill. A skin pouch in the shape of a basket was hanging over my left arm.

Illuminated silver-white balls appeared in the heavenly dome above me. Nobody told me but I sensed that these twinkling balls were stars and that I had to pick them like picking apples.

One by one I picked the stars and gently put them into the skin-basket. Each time I was holding a glowing star my hand also became illuminated. Around me the beautiful garden was witnessing this amazing event.

After a while with quite a few stars in my basket a white hand reached out to me and joined in the star-picking exercise. From previous revelations I recognised the hand as that of my Abba Father.

Then I heard: “Hephzibah, do you think it is impossible to pick a star?”

I did not know what to answer and kept quiet.

“Nothing is impossible when I command you to do so. If I instruct you to pick a star, you will be able to do so, because I am the One Who does the picking. For a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven nothing will be impossible when the instruction comes from Me.”



The revelation about the stars ended but a while later I was taken back to the same garden. This time Yahushua was there holding a scroll. He took me by the hand and we walked to a beautiful pond not far off. We sat down on the green grass and He unrolled the scroll.

He moved His finger all along the outline of the scroll hovering over what appeared to be the boundaries of a map.

”Hephzibah, I want to teach you more about ancient paths and boundaries. Right from the first day of creation I have set boundaries. Everything I created has a certain boundary. Even Adam and Eve had to obey boundaries inside the Garden in Eden. This is the reason why they had to leave the garden; because of overstepping their set boundaries.

“Inside the essence of everyone’s life are set boundaries called right and wrong.

“Like a set of boundaries that was given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

“Now to live inside the Kingdom of Heaven, everyone will have to obey set boundaries. Even in the spirit I have set boundaries. In order to be one with Me in spirit everything should agree with the truth. You see what I mean?

“I am about to draw a line: Enough is enough.”

He closed the scroll and we walked off – in silence for a while.

“Can you see, even the lake has a boundary.”

I looked up in surprise as I have never noticed the lake earlier.