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 “There is a new sound released in heaven. The awakening of the dry bones is set into motion. You will hear the rattling of dry bones emanating from the four corners of the earth.

“Sounds of the recovery wind will soon start to sweep over the earth, calling dry bones to attention.

“Initially a soft groaning will be audible, a murmuring sound from those who still want to continue in dryness and who became used to the desert winds of desolation. Some will start to roll over slowly, finding a new position and slightly feel the tickle of new life.

“When muscles re-attach, the new life will cause increased vibrations, carrying the rattling sound of bones on the recovery wind. The more dryness fades away, the quicker new life will enter. The sound of the clattering of dry bones will send frequencies through the sound waves of heaven and become the wakeup call to the rest of the bones in the valleys.

“Expect the sounds, wave upon wave like a sweeping wind, that will intensify to gale force strength in the seasons to come.

“Prayer warriors take your stand and blow the trumpets of intersession as the dry bone sound will scream in the ears of demonic forces. Time and again these forces will offer resistance and clutter up like dark clouds of thunder. Expect this and be on the walls and at the gates of the cities. Patrol the streets and prevent access by the enemy.

“Awake, awake oh wind from the four corners of the earth. Rise in strength and let the sound of the dry bones become a melody ... a sign to mobilise the army of Yahuwah God; as the war is on.

“Let the song of your heart be harmonised with the sound of the rattling bones. Come in tune and let this song become the arising sound of the overcoming bride.

“Hephzibah, release the message … release the words: ‘A gale force wind of awakening and rattling of dry bones coming alive, will be heard in the heavenlies.’”