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Late one evening while waiting on the sleep to come, I was taken to the edge of a beautiful garden where rows and rows of fruit trees stood side by side. From high up on a ladder I was picking oranges. The mouth-watering, ripe fruit suddenly started to glow, illuminated by a bright light. Side by side with me tens and tens of beautiful angels were also picking oranges, softly humming a melody that sounded like a love song.

Later, as I was scrambling downwards, with my basket overloaded with bright ripe oranges, a sweet voice told me:

“Little one, you entered your orange-season; a season of fruitfulness. Come with Me, deeper into the hidden depth of My heart, where I would like to teach you more about the deeper secrets of love.”

An indescribable joy filled my innermost being, an explosion of love for my Father I have never experienced before. I knew an invitation like this could only come from Him and I nestled myself in the tranquillity and peace of the moment.


I was dressed in my usual white, linen garment, and was dancing freely in worship. Beautiful, tiny, brightly-feathered birds joined me in worship, singing and chirping and making the most cheerful sounds while merrily flapping their wings in joy.

Deeper and deeper we moved into the garden, my tiny companions delightfully tumbling and turning and adoring our Abba Father. Then suddenly they reorganized themselves into a perfect formation. They became a living garment and wrapped around me as a colourful mantle; their chirping sounds harmonised in melody, swaying in a synchronised live garment of sound.

At that moment something transpired inside me … something greater than what human knowledge could explain. It was like an explosion of a knowing, far above the expression of words.

I heard:

“This is the love song of life Hephzibah. Embrace this treasure of the new season, My dear little one. Do not let anyone spoil this. Come deeper and I will teach you the principles of loving-kindness while unlocking My Love song, as the very essence of love is still a locked-up secret to you

“You have entered the garden of love and embraced it; now, come and sit at My feet. The cup of My hands will form the wineglass from which you may drink new wine, freshly poured from matured wine barrels, wine made from the vineyards of the Garden of loving-kindness.

“Come and drink. I have kept the best for last.”

The sudden silence that followed soothed my heart and an unquenchable longing to be in His presence surfaced inside me. Even the little birds in my mantle were quiet; waiting in expectation, just like I did.


Later that night He whispered softly:

“Little maiden, what does it mean to know Me … knowing Me intimately like a man knows his wife? When it is not just a matter of becoming one in flesh, but a deeper oneness in spirit … a moment where two become one.”

“But, Abba Father, what about us. I mean: how does unity between You and us function?”

“Although intimacy between man and woman may be short-lived, they can still unite and live in harmony with one another. They might then experience a sincerer spiritual covenant.

“To be one in spirit with Me is available to everyone. It is more than words, more than anything else. It is a place to be, a place you can only enter in Me and with Me. One in spirit and truth, for I am both.”

“All this sound difficult to understand, Father.”

“Just listen carefully. Nothing I put forward is beyond the ability of those accepting My offer.”

Once more a stillness overwhelmed me; this time a more intense moment of silence than before. As I waited while tears flooded my eyes, He continued:

“Love is like a bullet, a word, a sound. Once released, it results into an explosion of emotions. It carries weight, immeasurable in value. Therefore little one, keep your love pure. Guard over the tongue that speaks the words. But above all, guard over the mind and the heart that make the decision.

“But then Hephzibah, little one, love for Me is a deeper love than love itself. The deeper you enter, the more you die in yourself, until you reach a point of no return. A place of total surrender. That place is beyond human mind and understanding.”


I could not sleep. My mind was too busy reassessing what Father spoke about and my heart was longing to understand more.

Back in the Garden of loving-kindness I was dancing around and around like a little girl, still wrapped in the swaying mantle of singing birds. I enjoyed it so much and it continued for some time until the voice of one of the little birds suddenly raised much louder than that of her little companions. A pure birdsong from this feathered mate filled the surrounding and as I listened I could clearly make out the words: love, love, love.

The lovely, uncontaminated, high-pitched love song filled my whole being and carried me away to a place I can only describe as a place of closeness and inseparability. I just wanted to stay there, in deep tranquillity and wrapped in tenderness of love. For a while I was drenched in peacefulness until reality returned.


Just before daybreak, a sweet whispering in my spirit continued:

“If people would like to speak the language of love, they should know the melody and their lives should be an expression of the song.

“As I am Love, My existence becomes your source of life … I am I AM. To love Me is to reach the core, the very essence of Me. When you enter oneness in Me, you enter a place of everlasting partnership. Can you detach moisture from rain? No! Neither can you take love away from Me.”

“I am going to stretch you even more, little one. I want to take you and teach you deeper mysteries of love. Just listen carefully. To discern real love, you need a life after – an everlasting time in My presence. Love is Me – we are inseparable. We are One in loving-kindness.

“Love is stronger than love; stronger than death as I am life after death. Then you enter eternal life – a life time in Me and with Me; a time without limitations. To love Me is to be with Me; and to be with Me is to love Me. My being becomes your source of life.”

I looked around me, cherishing every word I heard, until I had to go deeper.


As I moved on I realised that my bird-mantle was not around my shoulders anymore.

But there was no time to question this sudden change as hundreds of blossoms started spiralling down from the trees that lined my pathway. As they landed all over me they were shaped into a gorgeous, colourful wedding gown that faultlessly fitted my slender figure. The numerous colours and shapes of the flowers became alive and more blossoms floated downwards to form the train of this beautiful dress.

The splendour of the moment left me wordless. Even more so when the tiny twittering birds also returned. Tumbling downwards they almost became camouflaged among the bright colours as they joined the flowers in the dress. Their harmonised songs filled the atmosphere and by times faded away like a gentle evening breeze.

As if in a dream I graciously moved deeper into the garden; my colourful dress adding to the glory of the surrounding. A bright light joined me and escorted me further. Peacefully we moved on … the faint singing of the birds in the back ground and I clearly heard:

“Love covenant.”

In breathless wonder I waited:

“The very moment you enter LOVE you sacrifice yourself and enter into a covenant. But always remember, the word love could mean an empty bucket or an overflowing fountain. No words can ever describe the love nested in Love because Love is Life.

“Love is like an eagle soaring in freedom; rising higher than thoughts and feelings. The higher love hovers, the more its beauty turns out to be  Ì¶  an admiration to those who recognise it.”

I waited patiently to hear more.


“To better understand love is to see it as a tabernacle with an outer court, an inner court and a Holy of Holies. When I tabernacle inside My beloveds, I want to be the Holy of Holies of that tabernacle, your ultimate point of no return. But, unless you learn to love Me in a deeper measure, you will remain in the outer court.

“It will always be man’s choice to enter into a tabernacle-relationship with Me. My part is to open the outer court for you. This is where I knock at the door and when you allow me in, Holy Spirit will guide you deeper through the inner court into the Holy of Holies. Remember, I am Love, and I am the Holy of Holies … I am I AM.

“Love is unbeatable and undefeatable, a winner in every aspect of life, exalted above the earthly things as it is from above and not from below. Valued priceless, it can be obtained freely as a gift from heaven. Like the wind, you will not know where it comes from or where it is going. Man are created in love, by Love and out of love. There is no bigger love than this love. Nobody will ever fully understand this as I am above understanding.”


A silver-white dove moved closer and cuddled against my neck. I could feel the beating of its heart and the heat of the tender body. I heard:

“May your deepest desire be to experience a love-covenant with Love as it carries a value without number. Seek it with all your heart and when you finally find it, treasure it.

“Love is from Love, out of Love and in Love.”

I cried out in admiration when the hundreds of tiny little birds instantly appeared from their positions among the layers of blossoms in my wedding gown and joyfully circled around me. I could feel the movement of the feathers as their wings gently touched my face and I closed my eyes. How I wished that this closeness would never come to an end.

“Love is the melody where life composes the song, a dance with Life … a for-ever-melody. To dance with Life is to move on the rhythm of the song of Love. Allow Me the opportunity to fill the gap, the short fall you experience in your ability to love. Then you will lack nothing.”

I was drawn by a serious desire, a drive to love more, to learn more and to be more in oneness with Him when He repeated:

“To really enter into a covenant of love is to sacrifice yourself, your own needs and will, own desires and preferences on behalf of those you honestly love.”

“Dearest Abba Father, please teach me to live in a deeper covenant of love with You, Love above all.”


My stunning wedding dress with the blossoms was gone. Once more I was wrapped in the beautiful garment of singing and chirping tiny little birds as in the beginning. Their colourful feathers decorated my mantle in the most indescribable shades of colours while wavering alive all around me.

One side of the bird-mantle slowly opened, and I was pulled tenderly downwards and made to lay down on a patch of lush green grass. Above me my mantle drifted up and down like a wave, while the tips of the tiny wings brushed over me like a mother wrapping her baby.

A sweet-smelling aroma filled the air and a soft humming sound like a lullaby fondled me and filled me with an inner peace; a sensing of inner rest and a deep stillness in my spirit.

One by one the tiny little birds detached from one another and landed on me like clattering raindrops. The gentle touch of their fluffy feathers created a sensation of being kissed all over.

A deep rest filled my whole presence and I became one in oneness with the One-all-in-all.