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After a bit of quiet time during the season, the silence was broken by a powerful message this morning:

“Dearest Hephzibah-daughter, I am holding My breath. When letting My breath out it will be like releasing a fresh wind. A mighty episode will follow My mighty breath.

“We are approaching the season of freeing the Four Winds. From the outskirts and the boundaries of My creation these four winds will arise. From the four corners representing the four gates of the City of Your God, the New Jerusalem, the winds will sweep over whole My creation.

“I am about to open the windows of Heaven to let loose the four winds, driving from the South, the East, the West and the North.”


In the vision I could see how four windows in heaven with curtains pulled aside, slowly opened. The curtains started moving gently as a light breeze was blowing through each window. All four windows were visible at the same time and the light wind pushing through slightly, took on the appearance of four different colours: green, blue, red and golden-yellow ... a colour for each window.

The slight movement of the green wind was from the North, the blue wind from the South, the golden-yellow from the West and the red one from the East.

“Hephzibah, tell My people the peacefulness of the winds is like the inhaling of a mighty breath stirring up an expectation, and is presently taking place. The inhaling is like waves pulling back before a tsunami hits. My people could experience a feeling of desertedness and lack of My presence. This will confuse them and even result in getting distressed.

“Tell them that this is not the case but just the birth pains of a new-season-event. I am inhaling My breath, drawing My people closer to My heart, taking them deeper into My body where I would like to change them into oneness with Me

“As a mighty happening will hit the earth from the four corners of My presence and will result in a powerful and troublesome experience. With one movement of My mighty outstretched arm I will destroy the pillars and statues of idols, tramping and crushing the manmade monuments and structures that I hate.

“Right in the very centre, in the eye of the earth they will collide and become like a whirlwind, a mighty drive of turning around, lifting of veils and blowing away of mantles of false identity. My wind will dissolve them by force; My whirlwind will suck them in like a colossus.

“Be prepared as people will seek for shelter, hiding their faces from Me. I am Yahuwah. I had enough of this scandalous behaviour. I want to release My beloveds from the claws of the dragon.

“Hephzibah, tell My people, the four winds are inhaling their mighty breath. Be prepared for the season is at hand.”


I did not fully understand the contents of this urgent message but in my spirit I just knew that we will have to prepare ourselves and be ready as we are about to enter a major traumatic season.

Those who shelter in the body of Christ and find themselves in His rest will be safe under the shadow of His mighty wing.