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This morning I experienced a very extraordinary picture.

Rows of people, with each person carrying a Bible and holding it close to his heart, were rushing towards a huge mountain in the distance. Everybody was just pressing forward at a pace without taking notice of anybody else forming part of the event. Enthusiasm and passion were visible all over their faces.

“What is this urgency all about, Abba? What are they looking for?” I asked, curious to understand the meaning behind the vision.

“They are all searching for true revelations of the Word. The day is at hand where I will bring upon the earth a deeper hunger for the real meaning of the Word.”

“But why do they have to approach the mountain for this, Abba?”

“The mountain represents the Mountain of the true God. My people are starving because they lack the knowledge and real meaning of the Living Word. Shepherds are taking My flock to dry land where locusts have already devoured everything. This results in the flock being underfed and starved. Therefore, deception creeps in, leaving them more confused than ever.

“I am calling My people to come up to the mountain as I am most willing to teach them Myself. From out of the fire My voice will be heard, and I will drive all fear and uncertainty from them.

“As real teachers are few and far between, I will raise up powerful sons, Gamaliels, in this season of the last days, to teach My people the true Gospel of the Word  Ì¶  prophetic and apostolic teachers to raise mighty leaders for the season we are in.

“I will lay a table in the desert for those who are eager to learn from Me. I will feed them with the truth and allow them a clear understanding about the long forgotten and lost meaning of the Word. Teachers who are willing to burn the midnight oil.

“For sure; we are in the season where people will hurry towards My Holy Mountain to obtain the truth from My heavenly records. My scribes need to sharpen their pencils as new revelations form part of this season.”


I really believe we are in the time where more and more people have a hunger for the true meaning and deeper revelation and understanding of the Word. The more they understand and learn to distinguish the voice of our Father, the deeper the longing will become for more hidden mysteries of the Word.