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Even before I was hospitalised recently for an open-heart procedure, my heavenly Father already started to talk to me about entering the desert. It immediately reminded me of Yahushua who was taken into the desert after His baptism in the Jordan River and how He was tested by satan.

An awareness filled my innermost being when He continued with the discussion after I had been discharged from hospital and was slowly regaining my strength back home.

Each time I was taken away in the spirit, I experienced a desertedness inside me, but strange enough, it felt as if I belonged there. For weeks I was just resting under a thorn bush deep inside the heart of loneliness where He took me to. I was always wrapped in a cosy, white linen blanket.

Although surrounded by dry desert dunes, I felt secure and safe.

This was the only vision I experienced over and over for a long time, but then  unexpectedly one night, the change came.  

Back underneath the thorn bush in the wilderness and still wrapped in the blanket, I was taken by surprise when suddenly a brilliant white horse appeared from nowhere. Breathlessly I watched as the shimmering animal trotted in my direction. On its back, dressed in an outfit that matched the brilliance of the horse’s appearance, my dearest Yahushua became visible.

When the heavenly Rider on His horse came within arm’s length, He gently stretched downwards, lifted me from my position under the bush and put me right in front of Him on the back of the magnificent stallion. With the arms of my Protector caringly around me, we swiftly moved over the high dunes of the desert.

It was then when He started to explain: “Little One, the wilderness experience is still not over. You will stay here, in My close presence, because I am the desert. You went through fire and had to face death’s door, but you are a fighter and survived miraculously.

“Now I want you back at My feet where you belong and not to feel like a dry leaf, drifting on the water without direction, any longer. It is time to break through barriers and to soar on a higher level of the winds of change.

“A new day has dawned over you, spiralling you to new heights, far above your daily challenges and obstacles.”

Glimpses returned  as I recalled the severe attacks on my health… the lung infection after the surgery… the pre-operation tests  – it was a matter of fighting for survival.

The remembrances were still so fresh!

I closed my eyes and leaned backwards, cuddling firmer into the comforting presence of the Messiah behind me, until all painful memories faded away.

We moved along for quite some time, up and down one sandbank after the other; nobody saying a word, until I caught sight of a bright pink object in the distance. I concentrated curiously. As we were getting closer, I discovered the most beautiful pink rose blooming in the brightest of bright. Without anyone telling me I instantly knew that it was a Desert Rose.

Gladly we stopped and my beloved Yahushua got down comfortably, picked the Desert Rose and politely handed it to me, saying: “Welcome to the family of Desert Roses.”

I just stared at Him as I did not know what to say.

“Little one, I would like to introduce you to the Kingdom of the Desert Roses, the dwelling place of the overcomers those who conquered their storms and hurricanes and managed to break through their barriers; who will stay in the wilderness to be equipped for the next level. They will even be able to assist and encourage others on their journeys through desert seasons.

“Their meeting place will always be in the desert, because Desert Roses only survive in separation. They bloom in dry and dusty terrain and nowhere else. It is in the desert, away from the worldly, where they flourish and where I will talk to them and assist them along paths where they have never been before.”

I really did not understand what He meant by all this. My only desire was to be with Him; to stay at His feet and to learn from Him. To me it was like having my daily food and like quenching my thirst from His fountain of Living Waters.

The dry dunes in front of us suddenly opened like the curtains of a massive theatre. An indescribable transparent crystal-pink Desert Rose, the size of a house, was exposed. The pink rose petals slowly curled upwards to reveal the heart of the rose. A sweet fragrance filled the entire desert landscape.

From the centre of the majestic flower a fountain divided into seven streams. Water in rainbow colours flowed over the edge and impressively continued towards the outskirts of the entire earth.

Yahushua explained: “My Holy Spirit is the source of life, extending to all of My creation.  The desert is the place where set apart people have to pass through. Like in the days when Moses led the Israelites through the desert to the promised land. That was where they started to know Me as they became reliant on Me for all their needs and for their own survival.

“This is the one road along which no one wants to travel but it is a place where people really experience Me personally. A place where I want to cut an everlasting marriage covenant with each one.”

A deep silence filled the place. I curiously looked around, but all I could see beyond the indescribable Desert Rose, was dry desert sand. Trying to understand what I had to learn about the beautiful crystal rose, I asked:

“Why here Yahushua? Why did You bring me here? I mean; it is a deserted place of dry sand.”

“Little one, I promised you that I would reveal new things to you. Now is the time to unlock some of those undiscovered treasures that were concealed in the dark, things you did not even know of. One day you will step out of the desert, and people will whisper: Who is there, coming from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved?

“You know, it is in the wilderness where you discover streams of Living waters and where you obtain a deeper understanding of hidden treasures.”

The Master elegantly reached out to me and invited: “Feel free to enter My crystal Desert Rose.”

For a moment I just stared at Him, not sure what He meant. 

Among the gigantic petals a staircase took shape, spiralling downwards, deep into the centre of the rose. My plain linen dress instantly changed into a pink velvet outfit that reached to my feet and perfectly fitted me.

As my heavenly King was guiding me down the stairs, I noticed for the first time that I was bare foot, but immediately knew that was the way it should be. Unspeakable joy was bubbling up inside me as He led me into the very heart of the crystal Desert Rose.

We reached the core deep down where the fountain with the rainbow-water had its origin. Light mist vapoured all over us. I stopped and stared in admiration; far-removed from the monotonous view of dry sand dunes.

The moment was overwhelming, and I only later realised that I was still clinging to the arm of my Yahushua. From the heart of the fountain a melody emerged, and heavenly music filled the place. To me it felt as if the melody was evaporating from out of our bodies.

 I listened carefully to what He was saying:

“Unless the sound of My Spirit becomes part of the melody of your heart, your wilderness time carries no value.  Transformation needs to take place in the desert, the place where only you and I are of significance. You need to discover Me in a new way and learn to trust Me unconditionally and whole heartedly. It is here where you must bloom, during your severest time of testing.”

When we returned to the outside, Yahushua stretched out His right hand towards the dry desert dunes and disclosed: “It is the season for the Desert Roses to bloom.”

Then, with heavenly authority, He declared: “Desert Roses, bloom.”

Instantaneously all the dunes were covered with a carpet of beautiful pink Desert Roses. I could not believe my eyes and was watching, completely dumbfounded.

As my dearest Rider on the white horse noticed my state of disbelief, He politely took my hand and together the two of us became part of the thousands upon thousands of Desert Roses that covered the dunes of dry deserts, all over the world…