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“My daughter, hold onto Me. We have to keep on moving forward.”

I was progressing in the direction of a bright light some distance ahead of us. Inside the illuminated surrounding the core of the light beam looked like a pathway. As I went deeper along this passageway, the Father explained the reason for our journey.

“My children get hindered and find it difficult to move ahead, because they keep on looking back and in the process become pillars of salt, like Lot’s wife did. They remain slaves of their memories of the past. Memories of rejection, defilement, bad habits, sexual iniquity and even unforgiveness and guilt, that had been part of their lives before, are holding them captive.

“Many of them tried and were willing to leave the bygone days behind, but along the way they lost faith and hope and separated their focus from My heartbeat. They lost the tune and the rhythm of their song of love for Me  ?  the tune of oneness and closeness.

“I am calling you back to Me, beloved son and daughter. I would like to give you a new opportunity, another chance to restore your trust in Me. Allow Me to put My arms around you and steer you into the Last Waltz with Me. The dance of two lovers in agreement and in unity and intimacy; dancing smoothly from a place of deep dismay and depression towards a fresh new relationship. Moving across the floor of My promises and maturing into a deeper relationship with Me; away  ?  far away from what went before.”

That night I could not sleep. I was awake till past midnight.

In a vision I was looking through a bay window. Outside, drizzling raindrops were forming a veil against the glass panels, but despite the blurred visibility, I clearly observed how the sun was rising from behind the horizon.

In my heart a new song flared up: “Dearest Messiah, I want to dance with You, now!  ?  yes, and for ever.”


“Those who trust in Me will enjoy access to a deeper divine world. Follow Me to where  favour and rest prevail.”

Father’s invitation did not come as a surprise, because an expectation for something spectacular to surface had been slumbering in my spirit for some time. Like previous encounters this one was no different. Once again my expectancy was outshined by far by what I was about to experience.

“Enter the City of the Sound of Many waters,” our Creator-Father directed me.

I witnessed how crystal-clear water came gushing down a huge waterfall. From incredible heights, streams were plunging down into a deep ravine to form a huge lake. Framed in a colourful shower of delicate misty rain my view was too overwhelming to properly appreciate.

“Follow Me; you have access to the Sound of Many waters,” our King invited while various gates appeared in the wall of water as it poured down the rocky cliff. I eventually found myself approaching a huge wooden gateway that appeared in the centre of the fall. In a mysterious move the entrance shifted closer to me. I entered, and the door immediately closed behind me again.

At this moment I realised that I was alone. Not too far ahead of me a bridge stretched like a highway across a vast lake. It was only when I  moved onto it  that I realised that the far end of the bridge-structure was not anchored to the other side at all, but instead, was just hanging over the lake. I was not scared at all and experienced as if an invisible force was drawing me towards the yet unknown, and towards a still to be discovered, concealed, heavenly domain.

The water in the lake was calm and had a deep emerald shine.

Graciously a huge angel walked up to me from the loose end of the bridge.

“I am angel Gamaliel and will be accompanying you on your journey through the City of Sounds of Many Waters. You need to discover and listen to the sounds and this could be an extremely lonely road. I am here to assist you to reach a higher level of understanding of the deeper revelations of the Sounds of the Living Waters of the Word.

“You have been carefully prepared and mindfully educated in my school but now you need to progress to that level of insight. Do not stop now but press through, dear sister. Victoriously you will finish this walk; I know that.”

“But why? What do I have to understand about the Sound of Many Waters?” I asked to make sure I am not missing anything.

“You will understand shortly, dear sister.”

Soft dewdrops misted over us and the sweet-smelling aroma of frangipani filled the air. Angel Gamaliel gently put his hand on my shoulder and accompanied me all along  the bridge, high above the unknown depths of the Lake of the Sounds of Many Waters. I looked down but was not nervous of the incredible height.

A peaceful sound, like the cooing of a dove, was released by the mist that was still vapouring over us. It also appeared as if this cooing-sound triggered the pillars of water that started spiralling upwards from the surface of the lake and then plunged down again in spectacular fashion. Frequencies of sound, emanating from this water activity, led to the formation of more water spirals. Eventually hundreds of these water coils were moving across the lake, twisting and rocketing in mind-blowing shapes. It sounded as if these water-arches were creating melodies of harmonious masterpieces.

“These melodious voices worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Sounds of Many Waters will be heard over all the earth by those who entered this deep,” angel Gamaliel explained, and I listened attentively to learn more about this spectacular event transpiring right in front of my eyes.

As the words of Psalm 29 verse 3 echoed through my spirit (The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.), I could hear angel Gamaliel’s remark in the distance:

“Open your heart and spirit to the Sounds of Many Waters.”

The water-melody steadily quietened, and for the first time I could hear and distinguish the following words that came from the rising and falling water:

“Once again the waters will roar over all the earth and once again My voice will echo over continents and through the skies. Once again the oceans will roll out and the Sounds of Many Waters will speak.

“And then I will enter My rest.”

Deeply concerned I bypassed the angel and asked: “What are the voices that need to be heard now, Abba Father?”

“Beloved children, take up your rod and follow Me. Secure affected people from bondage and slavery. Come shepherds! you who have been called; come and assist the chosen ones who are burdened and who struggle; support them. Become fired up and be My right hand on earth. Order My lukewarm children to repent and to return to Me.

“This is what the voice of the Sound of Many Waters reveals.

“Carry this message to the outskirts of this country; be quick and do not stop now, special messenger.”

Angel Gamaliel was still at my side and was holding up a book. Without warning a bolt of lightning curved stunningly above the lake and imprinted the words spoken by the voice of the Sound of Many waters on the only page of the book.

“Do as you have been instructed, messenger,” the angel ordered and handed me the book. I clearly noticed that there was only one page in the book, handwritten on both sides.

We slowly continued across the bridge. The water calmed down and a deep stillness covered the lake like a blanket of peace. The incredible view kept me focussed and I did not even notice when angel Gamaliel left.

“Special messenger, will you take this message to the world? Will you do it, please?” a whisper emerged in my spirit.

“Yes, dear Father, just as You requested.”

I recognised the urgency in His voice as well as a deep concern . . . and anew I learned  how dearly He does not want anyone to get lost.