MY STORY - Hephzibah Maritz

My name is Hephzibah, a name given to me by Abba Father during one of my many Heavenly journeys.

   It all started during May 2007 when we visited Israel. We were a small group of only seven friends and to six of us it had been the first time. This visit was planned to walk the places our Yahushua walked and not to end up being a sightseeing trip only.

   Right from day one the presence of Holy Spirit was tangible and we had many divine hours together.

   Early one morning at our guest house at the Sea of Galilee, our Creator Father opened His heart to me and in a vision took me away in the spirit to a place I never thought would become my regular destination during weeks to follow.

   I was taken to a very high, vertical rocky cliff which was rusty in color, but without any kind of foothold, or sign that someone who has fallen down, could ever climb up again against the sheer formidable rock face.

   From the top of the precipice, I looked into a black hole which led downwards into the earth far below.

   I was then taken to the opening of the black hole, and could look down into its depths. It was like a bottomless pit.

   In my spirit I heard Father's voice. It was a voice filled with sorrow:

   "No one can ever come back from hell. Go, and tell this to My children."

   For about ten minutes God allowed me to experience the terrible hopelessness of the dark. When the Spirit brought me back, I stayed curled up in a foetal position, crying out to God:

   "No, no, Father God, no!"

   For about half an hour those were the only words I could utter.  The horror of what I experienced was so intense that I started feeling ill. I forced myself to get up, shower and get dressed.

   I stood outside on the balcony of the guest house, and looked out over the Sea of Galilee. 

   "Why did You show me this terrifying vision, Father God?" I called out in a state of shock.

   On the morning of our last day in Israel we were in Jerusalem, and I was sitting in prayer on the rooftop of our guest house. Many of the older buildings in this city have flat roofs, and it is possible to climb onto the roof.

   God again showed me the vision of the entrance to hell, but this time there was a difference. Yahushua, wearing a long white tunic and with His back turned to the precipice, stood on the edge of the steep cliff.

   "My beloved Son stands in the gap to prevent people from ending up in hell. He is the only hope, and only He can save people from eternal death. Go, and tell this to My people."

   Over a period of approximately ten weeks, the Holy Spirit of God took me on several supernatural journeys with the following clear assignment:

   "You must write down everything, and publish it in book form. The content of the book must be simple so that everyone can understand it."


My spiritual journeys

During my supernatural journeys, I was repeatedly brought back to an almond grove. In the beginning, the trees in the grove were covered with blossoms. When I was taken out of my physical body to heaven, this almond grove was often the point of departure. The angel who accompanied me, time and again brought me back to this almond grove.

   Jesus I met mostly on grassy fields overlooking a beautiful dam. From there He allowed me to return to my earthly body.

   Father God took me into His heart, and from within His heart I was sent out. In other words, the angel fetched me there, took me to the almond grove, and from there we departed on the different journeys.

   At the end of such a journey, we usually returned to the almond grove, and sometimes from there back into the heart of the Father. At times I was taken straight from the grove back into my earthly body. Many factors were instrumental in this.

   During my journeys to hell, and even to the Throne-room of God, I was also taken on a personal journey of spiritual growth. The almond grove played a significant part in this.

   The first time we left the almond grove, the trees were covered in awesome blossoms. Later, after the blossoms had fallen, little almonds appeared. The almonds grew bigger and bigger until they were fully formed fruit.

   At the end of my journeys thousands of angels harvested the almonds in large fruit baskets. Thereafter I had to put the almonds in small buckets and distribute them amongst the people.

   Dear reader, when I tell you that I was in Father God's heart, I emphasize that I never once saw Him. You will read how I was taken into His heart as if in a cloud. I could only hear His voice in my spirit, and I was very much aware of His awesome presence.

   I recognized Jesus from the scars on His hands and feet, as well as His long white robe. It was almost as He wanted to reveal himself in the way He did to His disciples in Luke 24:39:

   "Look at My hands and My feet. It is I myself!"

   When I think about the wonderful encounters with the angel, with Jesus, and the presence of Father God, I feel small and insignificant amidst the wonder of it all. It is not possible to describe my experiences in human words, but I will try to tell them as best I can.

Under the book section you will find a brief description of each book's story.