BACK TO THE HOLY OF HOLIES - Tabernacle experience
CHANGING OF THE GUARDS - “Hephzibah, tell My people: This is the year
THE SEALED BOOKS OF DANIEL - “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the word
DIE SEWE GEESTE VAN GOD - “Kom Ek gaan wys vir jou.”
TO WALK WITH GOD LIKE ENOCH DID - “Father, how can I walk with You like Enoch
THE RIVER JORDAN - “Step into the water of the River Jordan and
THE PANSY SHELL - I showed Him the shell and knelt down at his feet

THE ROSE CITY - Enter and be washed.

THE SONS OF KETURAH AND THE SON OF HAGAR - “I want to show them the water well in the
POSSESS YOUR PROMISED LAND - “What have you done with your share?"
THE SPOTTED AND SPECKLED SHEEP - “The outcasts will be favoured and they will
The Garden of my Father - Early morning at about three
PICKING STARS AND OBEYING BOUNDARIES - Inside a beautiful garden I was standing on a hill

GALE FORCE WINDS - Signs My children should take notice of.
NEW WINDS - These four winds will arise.

THE DRY BONES - Prayer warriors take your stand.
TEACHERS - I will raise up powerful sons.
EIGHTH DAY CHURCH - Veils are lifting.
THE SEVEN FRAGRANCES - Everything became too much for me.

CRUCIFIED WITH JESUS - To lay down the old me.
GARDEN OF LOVE - Birds joined me in worship.

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