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When my super-natural revelations started in 2007, Father-God's instruction was very clear.

"Go and tell My people - Also write it down in book form, simple enough that everybody can understand."

Thereafter I was first taken to the dark places where satan and his followers reign. Accompanied by an angel and surrounded by Father's presence in the form of a tube of light, I had to learn more about the strategies of the powers of darkness.

 After these terrible experiences I met Jesus and my preparations for Heavenly revelations started.

"I want to spoil you, I want to take you to Heaven," He one day said to me.

All these revelations have been recorded in "Secrets of hell revealed".


Part one

Spiritual journeys to hell

1. The entrance to Hades

2. Prophecies and visions come into fulfilment

3. The process of preparation

4. The ladder

5. The two books

6. Inside God’s heart

7. Spiritual warfare

8. The angel

9. The small dwellings

10. The sea and the almond grove

11. The dwelling-place of the dark forces of Satan

12. War in the spiritual sphere

13. Satan’s council-chamber

14. The pools of fire

15. The red mantle

16. The bondage of false teachings

17. The angel Gabriel

18. The vision of the bride

19. Playgrounds of Satan

20. Satan’s throne-room

21. The dragon

22. The monstrous octopus

23. Yahushua

24. Drift-sand

25. The burden on my heart

26. The cross on my back

27. The ice bear

28. The golden city

Part two

Revelations from heaven

1. The throne-room of Father God

2. The staff

3. The pearl

4. Teaching by the Holy Spirit

5. The promise of fulfilment

6. The cleansing process

7. The sea of glass

8. The second visit to the city of gold

9. Restoration and lesson

10. Consolation

11. The turtle-dove

12. The stroll

13. A word of encouragement

14. The golden bowls

15. The heavens shake

16. The almond harvesters

17. Yahushua lightens my load

18. The moment of darkness

19. The birth of the white dove

20. The cross taken up into heaven

21. The Madonna lily

22. Washed in Yahushua’s blood

23. The warm blanket

24. The golden mantle

25. Anointing and a new dress

26. The eagle

27. The almond is opened

28. The day of anointing

29. The crystal pool

30. The school of learning

31. The tunnel of the unknown

32. God’s rest

33. Back to hell

34. Descent to hell

35. The bottomless pit

36. The silver bracelet