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In Halachah, which means: ‘The way one walks’, I describe the events of a period which started nine months after I had the first revelation at the Sea of Galilee.

I was in the process of publishing the first book, Secrets of hell revealed, while the revelations of Abba Father continued. Initially I did not understand, but it became a wonderful road which Father walked with me.

I will describe it in this way: When our Heavenly Father gives an assignment to someone to do, He will always, by His love and faithfulness, first equip and prepare such a person, before He sends him or her out, saying:

“Go and do as I require of you.”

Jeremiah 1: 7-9 gives us the perfect example of how Father equipped the prophet in totality for a specific assignment – to be a prophet for the nations.

In Halachah I want to take you, as reader, with me on such a journey of obedience and preparation. There were times when I was really anxious, because of the many things I did not understand, for the contents of these revelations were much deeper than the previous ones. The love that Father expressed in encouraging me, time and again left me breathless. He is always in control, whatever His greater plan may be.

The revelations which preceded Halachah is noted in the publication Secrets of hell revealed and Secrets of heaven unveiled



  1. Baby On A Donkey                                                    
  2. The Eagle’s Nest
  3. The Fiery Coals
  4. In The Throne Room
  5. Holy Spirit Fire
  6. Love Dance
  7. Prophet-Angel
  8. Column Of Light
  9. The New Mantle
  10. Prophetic Word
  11. Ark Of The Covenant
  12. Yahuwah Lives
  13. The Copper Candlestick
  14. Mandate And Authority
  15. The Golden Throne
  16. Time Is Running Out
  17. Aroma Of The Kingdom
  18. Tell My Children
  19. Armageddon and the Key
  20. My Health
  21. Two Crosses Merge
  22. Behind The Veil
  23. The Court Room
  24. The Drop Of Blood
  25. The Pearl-Palace
  26. The Golden Eagle
  27. The Treasury
  28. Sand-Glass
  29. Purified
  30. Garden Of Confidence
  31. Cluster Of White Doves
  32. Protected In The Dark
  33. Heavenly Choir
  34. My New Office
  35. Father’s Time
  36. Coming Home
  37. Spirit Of Wisdom
  38. The Glassy Sea
  39. Freedom
  40. Warning
  41. Road Of Love
  42. The Baby
  43. Urgent Wake-up Call
  44. Golden Lake
  45. Key To Freedom
  46. Obedience
  47. Sky-Rocket
  48. Lion Of Judah
  49. New Rules For The Game
  50. Childhood Days
  51. City Of Faith
  52. Shake The Tree
  53. Cling To Me
  54. Time Has Come
  55. The Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
  56. It Is Done
  57. The Abraham-Anointing
  58. Taking Up The Rod
  59. Further Anointing
  60. Spiral Staircase
  61. The Key
  62. Circle Of Fire
  63. Seated In Heavenly Places
  64. The Promise
  65. Blood-Moons
  66. The Rope
  67. Tamarisk Covenant
  68. Sounds From The Heart
  69. Fountain of Transparency
  70. Moses’ Bush
  71. The Scrolls
  72. End